A unique and beautiful New Zealand skincare range. Bioactive botanical ingredients are carefully selected for performance and blended with nutrient-rich avocado oil to help powerfully anti-age your skin. And while we create Antipodes® scientifically validated, protein-rich formulations, we're deeply committed to caring for the Earth: we are certified organic and all our products are officially approved for vegetarians.

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Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser (120ML)

24,99 lei (RON)
22,49 lei (RON)

Joyful hand and body lotion (120ml)

Suitable for all skin types Wild blackcurrant fragrance Vegetarian approved
28,99 lei (RON)
26,09 lei (RON)

Ananda Antioxidant Rich Gentle Toner (100ml)

20,99 lei (RON)
18,89 lei (RON)

Aura Manuka Honey Mask (75ml)

21,99 lei (RON)
19,79 lei (RON)

Avocado Pear Night Cream (60ml)

32,99 lei (RON)
29,69 lei (RON)

Deliverance Hand Cream (75ml)

16,79 lei (RON)
15,11 lei (RON)

Divine Face Oil (30ml)

orgaic avocado oil & rosehip
18,99 lei (RON)
17,09 lei (RON)

Grapeseed Butter Cleanser (75g)

24,95 lei (RON)
22,46 lei (RON)

Hosanna Intense Serum (25ml)

27,95 lei (RON)
25,16 lei (RON)

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