A unique and beautiful New Zealand skincare range. Bioactive botanical ingredients are carefully selected for performance and blended with nutrient-rich avocado oil to help powerfully anti-age your skin. And while we create Antipodes® scientifically validated, protein-rich formulations, we're deeply committed to caring for the Earth: we are certified organic and all our products are officially approved for vegetarians.

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Immortal Moisturiser (50ml)

¥28.95 (CNY)
¥26.06 (CNY)

Joyous Protein-Rich Serum (30ml)

¥36.89 (CNY)
¥33.20 (CNY)

Jubilation Body Cream (200ml)

¥26.95 (CNY)
¥24.26 (CNY)

Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream (30ml)

¥24.95 (CNY)
¥22.46 (CNY)

Reincarnation Facial Exfoliator (75ml)

¥20.95 (CNY)
¥18.86 (CNY)

Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream (60ml)

¥25.95 (CNY)
¥23.36 (CNY)

Resurrect Facial Toner (100ml)

¥18.95 (CNY)
¥7.06 (CNY)

Saviour Skin Balm (75g)

¥28.95 (CNY)
¥26.06 (CNY)

Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream (60ml)

¥26.95 (CNY)
¥24.26 (CNY)

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